The majority of licks contain urea that can be dangerous under certain conditions. During the formulation and manufacturing process of Mega Feeds licks, great care is taken to minimise the risk of feeding urea. The possibilities of urea poisoning can be further reduced by
taking note of the following;

  • Use licks as prescribed
  • Limit lick intake to the prescribed maximum levels;
  • Feed the licks together with sufficient grazing and/or roughage;
  • take special care during feed scarcity (drought conditions)
  • to prevent high lick intakes;
  • prevent overindulgence of lick intakes in the initial stages
  • (salt hunger) by allowing the animals access to Voermol Rumevite 6P for the first 14 days;
  • do not let licks get wet.


This feed contains feed grade urea and thus must be mixed and fed strictly according to recommendations:

  • Vinegar is an effective remedy against NPN (non-protein nitrogen) poisoning. Mix with equal amounts of water. Dose half a bottle per calf or large sheep or 2 – 4 bottles per head of cattle. (1 bottle = 750ml).
  • Protect these feeds against rain. NPN is soluble and animals drinking such a solution can be poisoned.
  • Do not feed these feeds indiscriminately together with other feed containing NPN. Consult an animal nutritionist.
  • Mix concentrate thoroughly with the prescribed ingredients.
  • This is a supplement and not a feed. Sufficient grazing and/or roughage must be available at all times.
  • Ensure that the feed troughs are always full and give the animals free access to grazing.