Sheep Winter Production Lick


Sheep Winter Production Lick


This lick is recommended for:§ Sheep that are in production in winter time,§ Young lambs that need growth ,§ Ewes 4 weeks before lambing, and§ Ewes with lambs.

Product Info

Description / Feed Recommendation This lick is recommended for:

  • Sheep that are in production in winter time
  • Young  lambs that need growth
  • Ewes 4 weeks  before lambing, an
  • Ewes with lambs.
Technical Specs Protein Min g/kg 201
NDP g/kg 44
Urea Max g/kg 30
Energy ME MJ/kg 8.9
Fat Min g/kg 31
Fibre Max g/kg 49
Calcium Min/Max g/kg 13.3
Phosphorous Min g/kg 6.2
Magnesium Min g/kg 3.3
Sulphur Min g/kg 3.3
Dry Matter g/kg 873
Daily Intake 250-350g / sheep / day
Warning NPN Warning:  This feed contains feed grade urea and thus must be mixed and fed strictly according to recommendations.Ensure that the feed troughs are always full and provide the animals with access to sufficient grazing and/or roughage.